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Life on the Ocean Wave

A most nautical weekend:  Saturday shooting Digglers on fabulous Angel Island (the jingle was inside my head all morning) Then an amazing seven course dinner with friends in San Francisco, culminating in petrale sole en papillote (Stefan was thrilled that … Continue reading

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In the Country

We drove out to Nick’s Cove to have lunch today~and walked to the little shack on the end of the jetty afterwardsthis boat hangs from the ceilingand there’s an improvised woodstove Not a bad way to spend Easter Sunday.

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The Bikers come to Town

Canada geese have invaded, and they are not good neighbours, drinking and hooting and brawling into the small hours. I am ashamed to say I have longing fantasies of a BB gun. Can you imagine how quickly I’d be drummed … Continue reading

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Ring of Bright Water

Just amazing to see this from our dock, how lovely they are! Not that the duck thinks so, she used to have seven ducklings…

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People who live in Wood Houses…

…maybe shouldn’t live over the water. This is the time I had fondly imagined stripping out my despised popcorn bedroom ceiling, but to be prudent I looked into the state of the pilings which hold up the entire house. It’s … Continue reading

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Pinching Myself

This is where I live, and this is what it looks like. The cairns at the end of the point are built by the walkers, including me, and that makes me just bust with pride and pleasure! I had no … Continue reading

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Storm Clouds

I wish I could write a song to the glories of lying in bed just absorbing the dawn – very dramatic: high tide, lowering gray-purple cloud on the horizon with ethereal blue above. The water was very smooth and dark … Continue reading

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Silver Lining

I have been watching coverage of Hurricane Yasi streaming from the east coast of Australia, where it is now 4 a.m.. They are right in the centre of it with another storm surge due in the morning, so it will … Continue reading

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Winter Beauty

How different all the colours are in winter – softer, subtle, more sophisticated altogether. I can just imagine pulling together camel, olive and sepia, then sharpening it with watery blue…

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Some Days Simply Sparkle

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