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Color-Blocked Kitchen

My love affair with black and with colour-blocking continues: kitchen too! Counters, kick and small appliances were always black, but now lower walls and inside upper shelves are too. Utensils are easy to find in black –  tea towels and … Continue reading

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New Black Is

I have been obsessing innocently about black, on the theory that if instead of having things in random colours I hunt them down in black, I will look immensely sophisticated.  I like a challenge.  What isn’t black is natural wood … Continue reading

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hand-painted pavilion in Central Park, Dartford: Nous Vous and Studio Weave: Ecology of Colour

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Los Angeles

Ah, Los Angeles, endlessly diverting – I can never understand how you can drive along a pleasant tree-lined boulevard, and within a block you’d be nervous to get out of the car. Who makes the rules? We had the great … Continue reading

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I am so touched at all the encouragement and support and sheer goodwill beaming at me from my blogging community right now – thank you!  We have come on a journey together, each of us sitting at home (or in … Continue reading

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Eating the Props

Would this drive me insane? It has a lovely message though. While I was away Heather changed my ringtone (three phones in house were the same). I now have a lovely subtle chirping of crickets, but am hankering after … Continue reading

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This morning I replaced the broken LCD in the camera, a delicate business with tweezers and micro-screwdrivers. The part cost $50, so I am well ahead of the $176 Wolf Cameras wanted to charge for a ten minute job. We … Continue reading

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When a Day is Magic

Why do the stars align so beautifully some days? Today was one of them. We needed to shoot an additional sequence for the Angel Island commercial. Islands have a special magic anyway, and the ride over made me love living … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want to be Adult

I want to live in a shed in my own back yard. I want to keep a sleeping bag in my car. I want to kidnap Buckley and go on a road trip. As a culmination of these feelings we … Continue reading

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A Curly Spoon

I am amazed at the hidden depths this contest is revealing in my customers. I never knew! They are so talented! Christina Brinkman is an artist who makes exquisite porcelain, and she takes beautiful photographs too. This is her kitchenand … Continue reading

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