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Very Heaven

We are in the thick of moving – darling Mary is a pack rat of the first order so getting her out of this apartment and into her own home has been done like an archeological excavation: in stages.  Now, … Continue reading

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My Education

Felix dropped in last night on his way back from his cancer kids camp, caught his parents in their maturity rigged up with 3D glasses all ready to watch John Carter of Mars. I felt v. silly. He was full … Continue reading

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Palm Saturday

Did it! Brought home the dates, but they are not in the house, oh no, as they leave a pattering trail of nuggetty little fruits if you so much as breathe on them. They are installed in formal symmetry on … Continue reading

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Balance and Delight

This has felt such a rich day, from the freshness of salt air and water on waking, to the pleasure of having the cat come to my bedside and call politely but firmly for her breakfast instead of her recent … Continue reading

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Lovesong to the Sea

Does everyone have creative tides, when all of a sudden three or four ideas are swirling around from out of the depths? This is what just washed up on my shore:Boum! I knew nothing of Charles Trénet, but ‘Boum’ got … Continue reading

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