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An Unlikely Role Model

Hugh Hefner, who’d have thought it? The old chap has been working from his bed since his heyday, way back in the sixties, was it?  Before laptops – even before cell phones!  I think he had to give dictation… I … Continue reading

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  Since my rosa mutabilis chinensis is top-heavy and leaning on the lemon tree like a drunken sailor, I have decided to prune one branch a week, so I can enjoy the blossom inside.  They shall not die in vain.

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Color-Blocked Kitchen

My love affair with black and with colour-blocking continues: kitchen too! Counters, kick and small appliances were always black, but now lower walls and inside upper shelves are too. Utensils are easy to find in black –  tea towels and … Continue reading

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Bedroom Makeover

It is almost finished, not quite. I think I need to paint the whole thing with another coat, so boring. When I think of the big things which had to be done, stripping out the ceiling for example, or taking … Continue reading

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Projects are fizzing in my brain. Our house already looks like a row of beach huts, so I have had the bright idea of painting each segment a different colour on the water side, sure to make my neighbours mad. … Continue reading

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Odd Sources

I am spending white nights mentally building a box bed in the spare room. I loved the one in my grandmother’s house, curtained, and with mysterious spaces below, so cosy and enticing. The space I have to play with is … Continue reading

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Ticking off the List

The wing chair is finished, ta-da! I found a fault in the fit while I was tucking it all in, and I WILL go back and repair it, promise, but not now. I am barrelling ahead, and the tiny, tiny … Continue reading

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A Chair takes Wing

Making progress on the wing chair, bought a new box of pins and sat pinning and cutting while Stefan told me tall tales of Las Vegas and the cat rolled in raptures at his feet. Cat hair is part of … Continue reading

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Wing Chair Cover

After a long lull I am making progress on the wing chair. I had bought the gray flannel fabric and draped it over and sort of got stuck there – it certainly looked better than the original. But then I … Continue reading

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I’m in a Huff

Such a huff Just for the record, the key was to our place in France (don’t worry, we left a copy).

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