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Very Bad Blogger

Like so many of us I have been off the air recently. Why? Incredibly busy and grateful for it. Brother Donkey is feeling the strain though (apologies to St Francis!) I did have the delightful experience today of cutting outside … Continue reading

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Projects are fizzing in my brain. Our house already looks like a row of beach huts, so I have had the bright idea of painting each segment a different colour on the water side, sure to make my neighbours mad. … Continue reading

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Last night I made the most heavenly barley soup in creation to celebrate the rain, and this morning put out the ham hock for our pet crows – watching them tackle the marrow reminded me they pecked the eyes from … Continue reading

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We have Company

The crow is getting bolder, and we are encouraging his bad habits. Still, everyone is welcome, no matter what his reputation – we don’t make judgements here:

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How I Know It’s Summer

I swap my Coyuchi towels for the white waffle towels my sister got for me in Rome. Strange avian alliances… I sleep outside when I feel like it. I have glorious white lilies in the pot beside my door (odd, … Continue reading

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Ring of Bright Water

Just amazing to see this from our dock, how lovely they are! Not that the duck thinks so, she used to have seven ducklings…

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People who live in Wood Houses…

…maybe shouldn’t live over the water. This is the time I had fondly imagined stripping out my despised popcorn bedroom ceiling, but to be prudent I looked into the state of the pilings which hold up the entire house. It’s … Continue reading

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Golden Days

very pleased with this shot of the Orkney curtain panels – isn’t it autumnal? We have had glorious golden days this week, the reeds are turning russetty and yet there are bulbs springing up everywhere, the famous Californian bonus spring.

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