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Speaking my Mind

The webmaster has threatened to take this blog off my website homepage unless update it, and regularly. I have two problems with that: The first is that I can feel the air leaving Blog World, like a slowly deflating balloon. … Continue reading

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Very Bad Blogger

Like so many of us I have been off the air recently. Why? Incredibly busy and grateful for it. Brother Donkey is feeling the strain though (apologies to St Francis!) I did have the delightful experience today of cutting outside … Continue reading

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New Black Is

I have been obsessing innocently about black, on the theory that if instead of having things in random colours I hunt them down in black, I will look immensely sophisticated.  I like a challenge.  What isn’t black is natural wood … Continue reading

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Granny the Hut

Every now and then I discover an unexpected link to Rough Linen, and this morning found a lovely blog in Danish.  I like Lene’s style (how can I not!) – but Google Translate had me helpless with laughter. Read on, … Continue reading

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I am so touched at all the encouragement and support and sheer goodwill beaming at me from my blogging community right now – thank you!  We have come on a journey together, each of us sitting at home (or in … Continue reading

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Ticking off the List

The wing chair is finished, ta-da! I found a fault in the fit while I was tucking it all in, and I WILL go back and repair it, promise, but not now. I am barrelling ahead, and the tiny, tiny … Continue reading

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Bread Bag, Part 2

The bread bag experiment has been a success, although it doesn’t magically transform a hardened loaf into a crisp, warm scented just-out-of-the-oven experience. Our bread doesn’t hang around since generally we go through a loaf in two days, but it … Continue reading

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I have been Missing in a LOT of Action this past week, filming near Bakersfield and having a whale of a time. Hard work but interesting, climbing industrial towers in hard hat and protective glasses (couldn’t see a thing) carrying … Continue reading

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The Bikers come to Town

Canada geese have invaded, and they are not good neighbours, drinking and hooting and brawling into the small hours. I am ashamed to say I have longing fantasies of a BB gun. Can you imagine how quickly I’d be drummed … Continue reading

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A Sail, a Sail!

Lori at White Flower Farmhouse (she of the impeccable taste) is giving away a sailboat… I’ll race you to it!

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