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Speaking my Mind

The webmaster has threatened to take this blog off my website homepage unless update it, and regularly. I have two problems with that: The first is that I can feel the air leaving Blog World, like a slowly deflating balloon. … Continue reading

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An Unlikely Role Model

Hugh Hefner, who’d have thought it? The old chap has been working from his bed since his heyday, way back in the sixties, was it?  Before laptops – even before cell phones!  I think he had to give dictation… I … Continue reading

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Best Intentions

There are so many things I want to do, besides resting my elbows in lemon skins. I have been meaning to do that for years, heaven knows it shouldn’t be hard. Learn Spanish.  California is a bi-lingual state and I … Continue reading

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Goofing Off

I goofed off for the whole week as my sister was here from Australia, and it was wonderful! A personal and quirky tour of Marin, I dare say – lots of dog walks (Buckley was in heaven), one spectacular boat … Continue reading

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Flowers have crept up on me. in my bedroom bathroom This is one of my favorites, a sprouted radish! SO stylish… I have not had a lot of time to garden despite the sunshine and lack of rain here – … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not, I Always Say

MrsNewlands was a friend of my mother’s, an older woman who lived across from the church in a fascinating old house, four-square and ordinary in a pretty garden, but untouched since heaven knows when. Her kitchen had a scrubbed pine … Continue reading

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I had no idea pumpkins are so thrilling! Quite aside from conducting my own Mendelesque experiment, as all the seed came from one pumpkin yet are coming up different shapes and colours, they have transformed my new beds, ramping happily … Continue reading

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Very Bad Blogger

Like so many of us I have been off the air recently. Why? Incredibly busy and grateful for it. Brother Donkey is feeling the strain though (apologies to St Francis!) I did have the delightful experience today of cutting outside … Continue reading

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  Since my rosa mutabilis chinensis is top-heavy and leaning on the lemon tree like a drunken sailor, I have decided to prune one branch a week, so I can enjoy the blossom inside.  They shall not die in vain.

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Adult Peanut Butter Cookies

Even my peanut butter cookies have gone over to the dark side. Peanut butter cookies are essential Americana, but these are slightly less sweet, and the molasses adds a sombre note. 1/2 cup  sugar tablespoon of molasses (be generous) ½ … Continue reading

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