Floral Dance

Floral, and dancing.
Dancing at Patrizia’s wedding on Saturday, wow! Have you ever been to a Latin wedding? so much fun, we danced our feet off, glorious rhythms and everyone dancing together. With my brilliant iPhone skills I videoed the Peruvian dancers (stunning) – except I pressed the wrong button….

Back to the calm of my garden, bringing pots of lilies in so they scent the room, picking sweet peas and roses for my nightstand so I can smell them in wafts. The night air is cool and there is always a breeze, the moon rise is perfectly framed in my window, the Canada geese are mercifully absent and Stefan has set up Sonos speakers in my room so I tend to keep a low, calm murmur of thoughtful Chopin while I drift away.

I even took my kayak out – the wind had blown a cushion off the dock so I retrieved it then continued up the inlet, pit stop at Mary’s and her killer margaritas then into the blue yonder for a complete change of perspective. It’s too easy to get caught up in work.

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