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The webmaster has threatened to take this blog off my website homepage unless update it, and regularly. I have two problems with that:

The first is that I can feel the air leaving Blog World, like a slowly deflating balloon. I can get the essence of things from Pinterest and Instagram without editorial, and I had a forced break from blogging in April and somehow just never caught up again. I shall miss some bloggers, but tellingly, they are the very ones who have slipped away too…

Secondly, I am uneasy about the strange mix of personal and business. It just doesn’t feel right.

So I am going rogue, or private, again. I will only write when I feel the need to put something out in the ether. I shall be refreshingly free from opinions. Over-rated.

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6 Responses to Speaking my Mind

  1. PP says:

    Well, if it’s possible to miss the voice of someone who doesn’t speak much, I’ve been missing your blog, for its pithiness and dry wit. My own has sunk into a bog, after builderly goings on which were best left unpublished, but I still wonder from time to time whether I’ll resurrect it or just not bother. I more or less agree with you that the steam has gone out of blogging, in that there are pictures galore on pinterest etc, for when we only want images. But I do like me a bit of text and my favourite blogs are those with interesting voices. So when you feel the need to write, I shall read. Hope all is well. PP

  2. Marya says:

    I, for one, will miss you. I find inspiration in your posts. I enjoy the way you see things/experience things and your blog made me covet the items you create (still saving up to buy something, tho.).

    But I understand. I don’t blog much anymore either, but man do I read them.

  3. Going rogue is ever so chic in my opinion, and I too feel the air slipping out from under me and my blog, though I have to say I’m somehow bolstered by it…if that makes sense?! Do stay in touch please!

    xo Kat

  4. Strange, but the malaise has infected me too, blogging suddenly seems a bit too much like navel gazing which is surely only really interesting to the owner of said navel. Mine has been neglected of late and may well be approaching its expiry date.

  5. leslie says:

    i do miss your blogging.

    i completely understand, however. you are not alone.

    (have been meaning to tell you how much i love your short hair, btw.)

  6. Gillianne says:

    Most blogs on my list nowadays I read for the blogger’s voice — the storytelling (housetweaking), the humor (manhattan-nest), the creativity (littlegreennotebook). Your voice stands out quietly in the crowd. So yah, whenever you’re motivated to put something out there, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it.

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