An Unlikely Role Model

Hugh Hefner, who’d have thought it?

The old chap has been working from his bed since his heyday, way back in the sixties, was it?  Before laptops – even before cell phones!  I think he had to give dictation…

I think he was onto something.  I love to wake early, my mind is clear, I can look out over the water and ruminate on the day ahead, then eventually I reach for my laptop and ILOVEIT.

winter dawn, all monochrome...

winter dawn, all monochrome…

Even difficult communications are easier to handle when I have time to compose them, no interruptions and with any luck, coffee to hand.  Pleasant email becomes a joy! Leaning back on my patented pillow-mound (bolster, sham, pillow), bolster-main-388snuggled under the duvet with the door open to the outside world in anything less than a gale, curtains backed with blackout liner to counter the piercingly bright low winter sun, I am simultaneously at rest and alert as any athlete (I tell myself).photo 5

All the advice I have ever read about Getting a Good Night’s Sleep says keep screens out of the bedroom.  I beg to 6

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4 Responses to An Unlikely Role Model

  1. Sounds like the definition of the perfect workplace!

    xo Kat

  2. Gillianne says:

    I tend to agree with the advice about screens and bedrooms, but I could deal with absolutely anything against that pillow mound–even my taxes–and especially with those curtains!

  3. tammyj says:

    it helps if you live in paradise. LOLOL.
    and you do.
    creatively. and climately. yes. i made that up. it needed to be said.
    except i’d have to get out of bed and sit by the window in my jams. never enjoyed eating in bed either.
    there is something wrong with me apparently. :D

  4. Polly says:

    Ah Tricia…so thrilled to find the Rough Linen website and this’re a kindred spirit for sure. I’m living your “back to the land” dream here in Ohio while dreaming of your coastal lifestyle..hehe. Wishing you much luck with your business ventures. xo

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