Goofing Off

I goofed off for the whole week as my sister was here from Australia, and it was wonderful! A personal and quirky tour of Marin, I dare say – lots of dog walks (Buckley was in heaven), one spectacular boat trip, one huge vegetarian family dinner and lots of visiting and laughing. We even sat down for a strategy meeting for Rough Linen, since Norma is a CPA and does that sort of thing professionally: isn’t family great!

She and her husband are now in Boston, awaiting 12″ of heavy snow, so coming from Oz, they are thrilled!mike in nyc 750

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6 Responses to Goofing Off

  1. Tricia Rose says:

    Ok, I am out of practice. Must get that photo round the right way.

  2. I just tilted my head! ;) And glad you had some quality goofing off time!

    xo Kat

  3. kerrie says:

    Sounds wonderful. The vegetarian feast too. I am almost a vegetarian…I still eat organic chicken, eggs, tuna, and turkey bacon! I love organic steak so it was hard to give up but my digestive system thanks me for it. I feel wonderful now.

  4. tammyj says:

    i love the feel of that picture! just turned my head too. lol! even got up from my chair. worth it!
    i haven’t eaten pork since i saw the movie babe… years ago. i do eat turkey now. and sometimes tuna. otherwise happy with soy crumbles in spaghetti sauce and the delicious patties of morningstar farms! tastes just like a grilled beef patty. only no animals harmed in that taste!
    so glad your sister got to visit and take you from your hamster wheel for awhile! XOXO

  5. Hey, they’re just around the corner from my office!

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