I had no idea pumpkins are so thrilling! Quite aside from conducting my own Mendelesque experiment, as all the seed came from one pumpkin yet are coming up different shapes and colours, they have transformed my new beds, ramping happily over beans and daisies and making it all green in the process. IMG_1285

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7 Responses to Triffids!

  1. Kerrie says:

    They are fabulous!!! They make your garden all the wild-er

  2. stitchfork says:

    You’re going to have a lot of jack-o-lanterns to carve come October!

  3. emelie says:

    I was just going to have a stab at a Halloween themed wisecrack, but somebody beat me to it!!
    Anyways, lovely to see a post Tricia, inspired as ever.x

  4. Michelle says:

    Pumpkins are just my favorite things in the world. Not only are they easy to grow but they are so beautiful to look at and so much fun to decorate with. Best of all they remind us that fall is on it’s way!

    xoxo. Michelle

  5. I want to grow the white ones :)

    Keep us posted on your pumpkin patch!

    Hope you are well, Tricia.
    x Loi

  6. tammyj says:

    you look like a little girl in your linen pinafore kneeling there by your giant punkin patch!
    just think.
    you and linus can have tea and wait for the great punkin.

  7. tammyj says:

    can you believe that.
    right there in front of my eyes.
    rough linen website. at the top. right there.
    in plain sight.
    i don’t want to say out loud that i’m losing it.
    but sometimes i really think i am.
    xo dear heart!
    and i visited it.
    and it’s wonderful.

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