Since my rosa mutabilis chinensis is top-heavy and leaning on the lemon tree like a drunken sailor, I have decided to prune one branch a week, so I can enjoy the blossom inside.  They shall not die in vain.


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6 Responses to Pruning

  1. Gillianne says:

    A true gardener’s solution. :)

  2. tammyj says:

    and beautiful.
    the light and composition in the first picture is an old master’s painting.

  3. Beautiful! And I love the crock it’s in, too! And the water in the background. Hmmm, I need to move into that area – it’s really pretty!!

  4. Tricia,
    Lots of pruning going on here, too. We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain in the DC area. All the hydrangeas are so top heavy. And the daisies as well. I’ve been cutting some of both for the shop and our home. Happy summer!
    x Loi

  5. stitchfork says:

    Hope that rosa mutabilis chinensis is still gracing your table for indoor enjoyment!

  6. Jane F says:

    Pruning is over here now but with the ton of rain we continue to have there are ample hydrangeas to cut! Always glad to see what you post on Pinterest, too! Love your pics.

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