Color-Blocked Kitchen

My love affair with black and with colour-blocking continues: kitchen too!

I should have tidied away the broom.  Or painted it black.

I should have tidied away the broom. Or painted it black.

Counters, kick and small appliances were always black, but now lower walls and inside upper shelves are too.

Image 22

basics are important

basics are important

Utensils are easy to find in black –  tea towels and bar mats were a challenge.

my life to a T: home-grown radish and lemon, and a passionfruit I hope to propagate

my life to a T: home-grown radish and lemon, and a passionfruit I hope to propagate

Black tray, black and wood cutting boards,  sometimes it is hard to see things black on black!  Plain white plates though.  Black sponges are the next frontier, but no luck so far.

























Organize-it had me so excited with an illustration of a plain black dish brush but when it arrived it was piebald, and endless trouble to return (I am still fighting for a full refund).  I am jaded and world-weary enough to get a prickle of satisfaction from a desire I can’t fulfill.  Pass the absinthe.

Image 14

I use these scales all the time ~

Yes, I planked and colour-blocked the fridge

Yes, I planked and colour-blocked the fridge
















Thank you Simple Human for my bin

everything JUST fits

everything JUST fits

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11 Responses to Color-Blocked Kitchen

  1. PP says:

    The gottle of gear had me smiling. ‘Cause the details do matter.

    I saw this look with Plain English and Prince Chaz’s affordable lovechild ‘British Standards’ (I think it’s called) and loved it. Love yours too. It takes a brave woman to paint her fridge in two, and you’ve pulled it off with aplomb.

  2. A-M says:

    Love it! Love black in kitchens. So impressed that the fridge got the treatment too! A-M xx

  3. Gillianne says:

    Omigod that fridge! As we ready our house for sale and a hoped-for cross-country move, I’m dreaming of starting afresh with less of everything and simple decor: white, wood, touches of black, greenery (and of course, linen). Now if only I had your deck and views….

    PP: it’s lovely to see “aplomb” used on this side of the pond, and spelled correctly, too. :)

  4. Dying over the fridge. It’s genius!

  5. tammyj says:

    darn. i’m late to the party again. and it’s all been said.
    i feel insufficiently unaplombably able to comment!
    love it though.
    it’s as clean and spare and sophisticated as you are.
    style. that’s it. just pure style.
    we had a black fridge when i was 9 years old.
    i charged the kids in the neighborhood a nickel a piece to see it. it had been in a fire. my mother painted it a sleek beautiful BLACK. i was a celebrity.
    apparently a black fridge was an anomaly back then.
    oooh. that word’s almost as good as aplomb! LOL. xo

  6. leslie says:

    yowza. you’ve made a fabulous kitchen even more so.

  7. jess says:

    who would of thought! the fridge is awe inspiring.

  8. Jane F says:

    Quite brilliant I think. You have such a wonderfully artistic eye.


  9. So did you manage to find tea towels and bar mats in black yet? I’ve found using bath hand towels works sometimes when you want unusual colors. I love what you’ve done – it’s amazing!

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