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I have been obsessing innocently about black, on the theory that if instead of having things in random colours I hunt them down in black, I will look immensely sophisticated.  I like a challenge.  What isn’t black is natural wood or white.

First were black scrubbing brush and nail brush, both found among janitor’s equipment and relieved of their offensive logos with a little GoofOff. 

Black Gillette disposable razor.

No black soap, that would be too strange.  For me it’s Pears’ soap all the way.

In United Markets I came across a black pumice stone, so appealing I bought it even though strictly speaking I didn’t need one.  It even has one side rough and one side smooth, and is completely natural.  I luff it. 

Tresemmé is now my shampoo of choice, not because I like it (though it is only shampoo, so who cares?), but it comes in an austere black bottle.  But wait, there’s more!  At CB2 I found black rubber-covered pump dispensers, for dish soap, shampoo, anything!  I can hardly contain myself.

There is no other place for the cat litter, but at least it is in a high sided black washing up bowl (thank you Ikea), and the oversized scoop is black too. 

I swapped out black wire for the baskets which had held my many neatly stacked white face cloths used as guest towels: on the counter for clean ones, on the floor for used. 

Two black jars for cat brushes (black).

Then I combed the internet for a dustpan and brush, but the only ones were amazingly expensive imports.  Rafael Lumber to the rescue!  A lovely big brush and capacious pan for peanuts.

My Mason Pearson hair brush is already black, as are my bathroom scales, bathroom hooks  and loo roll holder etc.  Three out of four orchids are in black containers.  A can of black matt spray paint is standing at the ready.  Style, here I come.




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17 Responses to New Black Is

  1. peter says:

    So that explains why the Internet looked all spruced up when I looked at it today.
    Also explains why B&W Borders look so sfistikated. (You’ll have to excuse Ciaran but he had a mouthful of kibble when he mentioned that to me just now)

  2. Gillianne says:

    Brilliant! My closet and my bedroom reflect the back-to-basics neutrals you described. If I were starting over, I’d do my whole house that way (with seasonal changes of some accessories for bits of color). Now I have to check out cb2 for that container. Thanks for the tip!

  3. stitchfork says:

    my gray matter is taking this new obsession in…

  4. Caron says:

    you are cracking me up! Like your theory about black accessories making you appear instantly “chic” – but you are already glamorous in my book.


  5. Penny says:

    When are you going to show us your newly remodeled downstairs? Can’t wait to see what you have done with the space. I think that black is so grounding. Love it.

  6. Gillianne says:

    cb2 soap dispensers delivered and they’re great. Thanks again for the tip, and the smile with this post.

  7. tammy j says:

    and there was i
    thinking you were sophisticated all along!
    scrumptiously sophisticated post dahling!
    and in case you do ever want to try black soap . . .
    remember audrey hepburn’s favorite . . .
    dr erno laszlo’s sea mud soap for the complexion.
    i mean ~ strictly as a nice alternative to the classic
    pears of course!
    ta dahling!

  8. Nancy McKay says:

    I am also a true believer that black is the new black. But HOW UTTERLY CHIC to have a black kitty litter box–you are an absolute genious my dear. I can’t wait to get near an IKEA to look for it–which department?

  9. Terri says:

    I’ve never tried the Pears soap… I will. I love nice soaps and I’m always trying “new” bars. BUT…my all time favorite is still the black soap from Spain – Magno. You really should try it. It lathers really nicely and has the most lovely, delicate scent. It softens the skin and is just all-around wonderful. I’ve been using it since 1976. When the goats milk, lavender, rose and olive oil soaps are gone, I always come back to my Magno. You can even get it on Amazon.

  10. Sparky says:

    Another black soap to try is Juniper Ridge black sage soap. I bought a bar from a shop in Berkeley when I was visiting the Bay Area a couple of years ago. Here’s a link to the soap:

  11. Jessica says:

    Hallelujah! You are having fun with this black mania.
    You go girl!

  12. Nancy says:

    How UTTERLY CHIC to have a black kitty litter box–you are an inspiration. I just hopped over to IKEA and picked one up–now hoping it will inspire little kitty as much as it inspired me

  13. beth nelson says:

    Magno soap is black and beautiful with the best scent- perhaps for special evenings with guests. the spanish store in tiburon sells it, along with magno bath gel, also in black.

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