Becoming a Spinster


Moosh is shedding: this is the amount of fluff I retrieved from him in one day. I think I should learn to spin…



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2 Responses to Becoming a Spinster

  1. Spinning is at the heart of my relaxation routine but learning to spin with that fluff will get you nowhere but frustrated. Save it until the time you are a medium skilled spinner and then use it. Find a class and try out all the wheels you can find. After you are semi-skilled then dig out your bag of fluff and go to it.

  2. tammy j says:

    i don’t know how . . . i thought i’d been reading every single post. but somehow i missed your getting moosh!
    who is moosh? i thought the kitty was not all white.
    whomever moosh is. i love his name.

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