Bloody Blog


So now I am usingthis old post for torage of photos I downloaded from FaceBook to transfer them to Pinterest – all from Sabina Sa… heavens, I have forgotten her name…


While I was away the technology changed under my feet and I can’t post pictures, so I’m sulking. I hope to catch up soon, maybe with the help of Sons.

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6 Responses to Bloody Blog

  1. tammy j says:

    I know it’s not a laughing matter. but I had to laugh at this post. bloody indeed. agreed.
    I have lately had so many problems . . . and they are ongoing . . . after spending MUCH money ~ that I am seriously wondering if the computerworld is worth it.
    as the famous newscaster always ended ~
    “goodnight and good luck!”

  2. PP says:

    I know what you mean. It’s like going away from a familiar room for a short while and when you return, someone unknown has been in there, ‘tweaking’ away madly and the room is no longer the room.

    Good luck with the pictures.

  3. Jess says:

    I have wondered what happened to you!

  4. tammy j says:

    I can’t help it!
    every time I stop back by to visit here and see that little caption ‘bloody blog’ I just laugh.
    hope you’re fine.
    I know you are.
    tammy j

  5. Aina says:

    Oh no, that is not fun. How bloody irritating ! I’m not very good technically wise either, so I trust that my husband helps me if there is any problem. And so he does. Hopefully your sons have time to help poor mummy ;)

    Thank you so much Tricia for stopping by, nice to hear that you are enjoying blossoming plants. I do like muscari, but have never seen any mimosa around here. Do you have purple of yellow ? ( I had to search internet for information)

    Wish you a restful and nice weekend Tricia.

    ~ Aina ~

    PS: I have just started a new blog, “Pure Linen Blog”. All about linen, hemp, burlap…If you stop by, I would be happy to know what you think.

  6. Jane F says:

    This seems to be the week for blog malfunction. Let’s see now….your pix, my snipping tool giving me useless carp, widget malfunctions, maintenance contract expirations, messed up paypal transfers. The works. Wine helps LOL. But glad you’re back to normal. Jane

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