Back to the Land

12-grapesHow time passes!

I have just had a pleasant morning harvesting dill seed, weeding, and cutting my vine trimmings ready for the fire, about as domesticated as it can get. It has been so dry I have been watering the garden, enjoying the sunshine but thinking all the while of my family and friends in Australia facing record heat and bush fires. If this isn’t climate change I don’t know what is.

So I was idly wondering: where is it best to be in the future? My house will probably be under water, the weather possibly even more extreme. I have settled on Washington State, because it has abundant water, abundant rain, and good soil. Assuming I’m in shape to dig my potatoes or pick my apples or whatnot.

I have always had back-to-the-land fantasies. I wonder if I will ever make them a reality?

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7 Responses to Back to the Land

  1. PP says:

    Where to be is something I often wonder about too. Not in Sydney where temperatures have been over 40 degrees a few times this summer (an incomprehensible 45.8 the other day). For me it would be somewhere trending towards the colder rather than the hotter. The southwest of England still pulls…

  2. The weather is a bit wonky. I heard on tv last night that it’s been 2 years since we’ve had a sub-freezing high…hmm! I would have to go to Fiji, but then I always think that Fiji is a good idea.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. tammy says:

    the last two summers here have nearly done me in.
    it doesn’t even become a matter of preference as much as it does life itself ~ constant days in the 100′s (39c) ~ with high humidity are the worst for heart problems.
    vancouver or also cornwall in uk would be my dream places. though i read once that nostradamas says australia will eventually be the only surviving continent! interesting. i don’t live my life by nostradamas. however, australia is so beautiful!
    they can argue all they want ~ i believe in global warming. (whether man or natural earth cycles) . . .
    ask the polar bear drowning for lack of ice when hunting.

  4. Jane F says:

    The $64,000 question Tricia, for sure. Meanwhile, we’re feeling pretty snug here in the woods with our back up generator — despite a hurricane a year this past two years. I’m not certain I’d want to be anywhere too close to the water on any coast (though I adore the beach) after seeing what my friend whose house in NJ was destroyed by Sandy is going through. Her flood insurance next year will be 10K!

  5. tammy j says:

    I don’t know if you’ll get to read this.
    I’m just checking in. it’s been long since a post and I’m trusting no news is good news. I so hope you are well.
    if you’ve followed . . . my old computer died. I have a new one . . . very temperamental . . . named George.
    wasn’t able to save addresses in my email. so must resort to this public forum.
    hope everything’s fine ~ and you’re happy ~ and just busy with rough linen ~ and your beautiful garden ~ and making films! what an exciting creative life!
    cheers dear friend,
    all good wishes for a great weekend
    tammy j

  6. Ginny Simon says:

    What a beautiful picture! I wish I could eat those grapes, they look so fresh!

  7. Hi, Tricia -
    Our winter last year was so mild. This year it’s more seasonal….thank goodness!! As a gardener and someone who cares about the environment, I do fret about global warming, etc. I’ve noticed how early the mosquitoes come out…..and the abundance of invasive plants that normally would be nipped by the cold. Hope all is well ~

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