My Alternate Reality

A wonderful day in our alternate reality – we make corporate and documentary films in everyday life (quite separate from Rough Linen), and today were at Berry Mills in Cazadero, CA filming the selection of a 45′ log to create the keel of the first tall ship to be built in Sausalito since ummm…

That’s me with the messy bun under my hard hat, on the left.

The logs on the right were sustainably harvested to provide the timber for the ship, and the longest and thickest will give the two main sections of the keel. I love all the wonderful places and wonderful people I meet while clambering silos on co-generational plants, trekking down endless vistas of almond groves and vineyards, picking my way through the mud of a lumber yard heady with the scent of resin and pennyroyal. (A whiff of cattle in there too.) I have trudged organic farms, recorded touching animal rescues with WildCare – owls, a bobcat, coyote,
hawks, foxes, bats – seen vacant lots become parks with the Trust for Public Land, witnessed compassion and bravery and practical initiatives with the Kidney Foundation and the Bonnie J. Adario Lung Cancer initiative, and sat through endless political and strategic interviews, sometimes fast asleep, with my headphones and the will to stay upright as my only disguise.All this and I get to sew linen too. Life can be very good.

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6 Responses to My Alternate Reality

  1. Miranda says:

    I am so impressed – I had no idea! And I was already impressed with you and your linens. So I guess that makes me doubly impressed. I am inspired when I see people who are living life true to themselves. Bravo!

  2. PP says:

    Another facet of you, and an interesting one. I love the idea of all those different people doing all those different things, and I love the idea that the work would be loose, not some rigid routine that you’re strapped into, as if it were a box (or that’s how I imagine it anyway). But even more than all that, I’m very impressed at you being able to stay sitting while bored to sleep. I’d like that one for my skills portfolio. PP.

  3. jess says:

    Too cool!

  4. stitchfork says:

    Life is very good!

  5. Loi Thai says:

    Dear Tricia -
    You are involved with some amazing projects and organizations. As someone who loves nature and animals….thank you!
    Have a Wonderful Christmas!
    Warm wishes~

  6. Loi Thai says:

    PS – I think that guy is saying: wake up! wake up!

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