Wouldn’t it be great if I could get on with the new iPhoto? All my latest photos are too big to post, and I can’t remember my password. My sons think mum is losing it.

I have just ordered a load of paperwhites to use as seasonal decorations, along with candles and evergreens, and that is it – well, maybe some shiny gold or silver branches.     I so admire Delores for her infectious enthusiasm for creating beautiful corners. Delores really loves tartan (I can’t bring myself to say plaid, a plaid is a garment, tartan is the pattern) and I am slowly warming to them, and hey, I have some of my own! This is one of the Rose tartans

- one of the more subtle, old ones, and through my mother I can use the Bell tartans,










and to stretch a point, Buchannan.





The last one is pretty wild.

This morning saw the last of the summer tomatoes – we ate them with ceremony.  There are still green ones hanging but they will never ripen, and I don’t feel chutney coming on any time soon.  I will make scones today, and maybe light the fire just for show, and sit pensively staring at the ducks and coots which have taken refuge in our inlet, on a rain-swollen high tide.  Or I could get back to work…

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8 Responses to Tartan

  1. Scones by the fire sounds perfect, wearing a plaid.

  2. PP says:

    Oh, I’m definitely losing it with passwords (if you can lose what you never had) – our lives are ruled by them.

    And I didn’t know that a plaid was a garment – what on earth is it? I’d never, though, say anything other than tartan to talk about the fabric. My mother and I shared McNicol, which mercifully is reasonably restrained. Well, the hunting version is, the dress version is rather red. I’m rather liking your Buchannan.

  3. Loi Thai says:

    One day I would like to have a small cottage in the woods done up in tartans :)

  4. Cheryl Rose says:

    All passwords can be reset. All photos can be resized.
    You’re not losing it, articles are posted daily about the hassles of forgetting passwords,its a fact of our new
    Way of life (computers) don’t despair,find solutions. It’s
    All doable fixable and you can def email me and I’ll help!

  5. Paperwhites = narcissus don’t they? (I’m hopeless at flower names)- I do love these at this time of year and order mine from the wonderfully named Scilly Isles! Scones in front of the fire sounds just perfect in the midst of all this rain, though I’m happy to be heading off to the land of tartan this coming week!

  6. When Loi gets his tartan clad cottage all done up, I say we pay him a nice visit?! Where did you order your paperwhites from…a catalog?


  7. Tricia Rose says:

    Easy to Grow Bulbs, Willow Creek – I’ve had good ones from them in the past.
    I think a research trip to Scotland is in order first, don’t you?

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