Granny the Hut

Every now and then I discover an unexpected link to Rough Linen, and this morning found a lovely blog in Danish.  I like Lene’s style (how can I not!) – but Google Translate had me helpless with laughter. Read on, and enjoy:

Tricia Rose Gothic  a hjemmespunnet and  håndsydde putetrekk  in lin  while  she  cleaned  the hut to its  Bestemor  in Skottland .  Putetrekket  diaper layerav hers grandmother  in 1840 , and was in regelmessig bruk for three generations.
Tricia brukte putetrekket to z l acre lavender in .  More years later Gothic she fortunately one natural linen with the same great texture and feeling, and she  determined meg for y pickle sengetøy  in  this simple and  elementary tradisjonen She  would  have  the feeling audiovisual association ,  verdsettelse av good materials and håndarbeid which is part av  hers  heritage , as a part of  his  everyday life .
Tricia  has always  host to the pulled  av  natural fabrics: wool , bomull , lin .  Several  years dwelt I in nærheten av Ian Mankin iconic butikk in Primrose Hill inLondon and loved every stoff his stock.  Ian’s natural veving  and stripes are timeless .
Work on with handsome materials has simplified  hers  smak and complicated to  hers  life , because she  alltid is utkikk inform the final texture , vevingen  orfargen .
You can Procuring tekstilene at Rough Linen .
Thank you Lene!

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8 Responses to Granny the Hut

  1. Caron White says:

    Good morning gorgeous! That is funny –

    PS would love to plan an afternoon to get together before it gets too crazy…


  2. PP says:

    Dear Gothic Hjemmespunnet (and what do you keep in your punnet, one wonders?)

    What an interesting and heretofore unknown fact that you first pickle your linen.

    I am relieved that your smak has been simplified, but concerned that your life has been complicated. I wonder whether an answer might like in less utikking of the final textures?


  3. a-m says:

    Oh that’s precious! xx

  4. Too funny, but even with the “lost in translation” part, I still knew it was about beautiful linen and your passion for it! :)


  5. jess says:

    sprecken ze deutch? great translation :-)
    made me smile.

  6. Gillianne says:

    Priceless! Thanks for the morning chuckles.

  7. tammy says:

    almost musical! like learning totally new words.
    i ditto kat at low tide.

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