First Hand Sandy

Dear friends


It was wonderful getting inquiries about my well being from you. And thanks

to all of you who offered shelter.


It was indeed a storm of biblical proportions – fortunately I did not experience

the full wrath of the storm but was affected by it. My heart goes out to all the

folks who still don’t have power and those who lost everything, especially as

there is a nor’easter (storm) predicted for Wednesday.


As you know I live on the 35th floor of a building facing west directly on the

Hudson River. I decided to “ride out the storm” as I did the last one. The

weather reports and one of my seafaring friends predicted that the storm would

come in from the north east – yes, counter intuitive as the hurricane was coming

from the south but it was correct. Also, I went to the South Street Seaport to my

green market on Sunday and the winds were much more intense on that side of



On Monday while most of my neighbors evacuated according to our Mayor’s

directive I took the opportunity to do my laundry – a prescient move on my part.

I may not have been able to wash but I did sleep in clean sheets!!


Early Monday night the building shut down the elevators as a precaution and that

meant I was stuck. I stocked up on water, hoped for the best and braced for the



The river breached the sea wall the next morning and we were out of power as

the basement flooded. That meant no water, no toilet and no light – it was very

eerie in the pitch dark hallway but very romantic in the apartment with just candle

light. After a couple of days I stopped using the telephone to conserve the battery.


My building is the only one in Battery Park that was without electricity – no one has

any idea why the power stayed on down there.


A few of my neighbors on my floor also stayed so anytime I heard (or thought I

heard) any sounds I rushed into the black hallway with my flashlight to see if I

could get any news about the power. Late on Wednesday I found out there was an

explosion in the basement when they tried to get the power back and that was when

I decided to leave. I arranged to stay with a friend who lives in the neighborhood and

has an extra bedroom and bathroom with a magical device – a Japanese Toilet (JT).


I will explain for anyone who has not ridden a JT. As soon as one sits down it starts

humming. The temperature of the seat and the water can be adjusted. There are

buttons on the side for various functions. Water can be directed at any orifice and

watering can go on for as long as one wishes it to. There is, of course, a button to

stop the water. One practically needs a seat belt for the thing!!


When I left my apartment after 9/11 I took my passport – this time I took my

refrigerator since I was only moving 2 blocks and being a good Jewish “girl” I couldn’t

waste any food!! Of course a good guest always comes with wine so I took that too.


Power came back to lower Manhattan very early Saturday morning so my office building

opened today for the first time in a week.  I have to admit I did like my enforced vacation.


I went out through Tribeca and the Village on my bike on Friday night. There were no

traffic lights, no overhead lights and no lights from any buildings. There were very few cars

or even bicycles and just a few pedestrians with flashlights  - now that was eerie. I have a

friend in Tribeca with a wonderful restaurant (Estancia) who was there with a her fiance and

a neighbor who brought a generator to get her ice machine going to save some of her supplies.

We sat around drinking wine by candlelight.


I still don’t have internet at home and only 2 elevators are working so getting up and down takes

forever but I feel I am back in the first world after camping out in my apartment under third

world conditions.


So thanks to all who were thinking of me.





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