Daylight and Nightlight















Somehow tonight we had the perfect evening after a tough day – it was too hot, too much was happening and I was tired. Somehow we muddled through until five o’clock, all working together in spite of mishaps and mis-measurings and misunderstandings, and order appeared out of chaos, gradually.

We lit candles and sat outside with a glass of wine, all the other houses were dark and we wondered why, then I made dinner and we lingered, James Taylor in the background and it was all made better by thinking, ‘It’s November and we are still eating on the water!’

Truly inspiring Pinterest, finally word from my friend who lives 35 floors up overlooking Battery Park, and it’s still only eight. Maybe I like daylight saving. I am attracted to something colder and lonelier and more beautiful, but domesticity was just dandy today.

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5 Responses to Daylight and Nightlight

  1. Vicki says:

    Ahh, a wonderful image La Luna gives you after such a day. Glad all came together for a wonderful evening. This is perfect :)

  2. PP says:

    “I am attracted to something colder and lonelier and more beautiful”. Oh, snap.

  3. I’d be happy too if I were eating dinner out on the water by candle and moon light.

    It was 26 degrees here this morning. That’s Fahrenheit.

  4. tammy says:

    this post was like a glass of fine wine. thank you.

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