Now that I have tumbled exactly how much water this California garden needs, the basil has burgeoned, so today I cut it well back and took my bounty inside to try pesto.

First surprise, my thumbnail and forefinger are deeply stained – howzat?  I was careful to take only the tender leaves, not tougher stems, so maybe I was too precious.

The rest was easy: basil, olive oil, parmesan, pine nuts and garlic into the blender, add salt and pepper.  The result tastes to me like grass cuttings, so I put it in the fridge to think better of its behaviour, and I hope by supper time we shall have exquisite pasta al pesto.
If you love the idea of living wild and free on the water before every marina is taken over by soulless condominiums, sign the petition for Pete’s Harbor while there’s still a chance for it. The Bay Area needs diversity in housing!

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7 Responses to Pesto

  1. Carole says:

    Re your pesto, I usually put parmesan cheese in it and keep it in the freezer frozen into ice cube sized pieces makes a nice pasta sauce when you are busy.

  2. jen says:

    Mmm, pesto. We eat a lot of it around here. I haven’t made it for years though. We are spoiled by some we get from the farmer’s market–Buddhapesto. :)

  3. Gillianne says:

    Your basil looks prime. Alas, I often forget my basil ’til overnight temps turn it bitter. Have you tried parsley pesto, an altogether different and milder flavor–lovely with walnuts or almonds and Asiago? Hope the fridge tamed your pesto into a palate pleaser! (P.S. The Enchanted Broccoli Forest’s recipe for pesto lasagna is quite nice.)

  4. tammy says:

    i’ve signed the save pete’s petition. i wish i could sign over and over.
    but i’m thinking maybe little david actually might have a chance against goliath.
    holding good thoughts anyway! i hope you never have to go
    through that. i don’t trust the big money in this world.

  5. jayne hewison says:

    I do so love the smell of basil but I do not like pesto! I always think it looks so lovely stirred into fresh pasta, hope yours is tasty. I like the idea of freezing it into ice cubes, such a good idea. jayne x

  6. Homemade pesto! I’m so impressed. And I was glad to read in “Pesto 2″ that the resting improved it.

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