Los Angeles

Ah, Los Angeles, endlessly diverting – I can never understand how you can drive along a pleasant tree-lined boulevard, and within a block you’d be nervous to get out of the car. Who makes the rules?

We had the great pleasure of staying with two darling little girls this time, and since we are a bit low on children this was most refreshing. Also, every meal was better than the last, from bouillabaise to hot sour coconut soup, the best mushrooms of my life at the Mulholland tennis club and brunch on Montana at Marmalade.

One of the things I like to do since my friends are so scattered is to look up the weather in their area. I have just written to Sheila in Hampstead, and I see that London is 61 degrees and it is raining – a proper autumn. Not like here, where it has be 90 degrees, more in town. Elly in Haute Provence is enjoying a civilised 73 degrees, and June in Dorset is benefiting from the Gulf Stream. It makes the world feel closer. As well as having them visit of course.

We have had blessed rain since we got home, and my figs are fit to burst – so I spent today doing table shoots. I have gone over to the dark side, but all will be revealed in November. I love the dark side.

this is the side show

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5 Responses to Los Angeles

  1. PP says:

    I think Sheila in Hampstead and June in Dorset just about have my wish list covered (do they have spare rooms?). mind you, so do bursting figs.

    And dark sides – almost always interesting.


  2. jen says:

    I love the picture and look forward to hearing more about the dark side!

    I do that weather thing with my kids. When I go to weather.com I have, at various times had Hartford, Nashville, Albany, New York City and Burlington VT pop up automatically because I’ve checked them so many times.I do it when they travel too. I think it helps me picture them in situ.

  3. The dark side of figs?? how lovely your visit to LA sounds… we’ll have to try marmalade next trip down..
    enjoy the rain and cannot wait to see more pix of figs. mmm one of my faves..fig tart with creme fraiche..


  4. Yup, I keep an eye on the weather where my parents live (Cambridge, England). It reminds me to be tactful when I talk to them about fall/autumn in northern California :)
    Your figs sound blissful.

  5. tammy says:

    hot sour coconut soup??? sounds yum!

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