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hand-painted pavilion in Central Park, Dartford: Nous Vous and Studio Weave: Ecology of Colour

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This poem made me cry at a time when I needed to cry: I think of all the older ladies I know whose love is for animals and I understand! I am not naturally misanthropic, but there is something about … Continue reading

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Los Angeles

Ah, Los Angeles, endlessly diverting – I can never understand how you can drive along a pleasant tree-lined boulevard, and within a block you’d be nervous to get out of the car. Who makes the rules? We had the great … Continue reading

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Pesto Two

It did improve, so I’m quite happy with the pesto in the end. I wish to heaven I had thought to roast the pine nuts first like Mr A., it could only do good. On a completely different note, a … Continue reading

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Now that I have tumbled exactly how much water this California garden needs, the basil has burgeoned, so today I cut it well back and took my bounty inside to try pesto. First surprise, my thumbnail and forefinger are deeply … Continue reading

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Old Homespun Linens

A lovely customer sent me these photos of linens she inherited:   Mona says, “I talked to my mom, (she is 92) about this, and she said that Irène Brochu had a shop in her home, but that the tablecloth … Continue reading

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Gardenista – My Garden on San Francisco Bay

This is an article I wrote for Gardenista, must-see site for anyone who loves gardening. My 1946 hunting cabin is on a double block which is mostly under water.  The garden is to one side, ten feet level before a … Continue reading

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