I Made the Cut!

This is like getting into college!

I am one of one hundred finalists from two thousand entries to the Martha Stewart American Made Awards, so I am absolutely thrilled.

You can vote every day – just click the graphic above.


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20 Responses to I Made the Cut!

  1. Yay, congrats! I will go vote again!

  2. jayne hewison textile designer says:

    Consider it done! How fantastic to be in the final 100, you work is so beautiful, love the image of you sitting in bed with your duvet cover. I am promising to make myself a linen throw before Christmas. jayne x

  3. Gillianne says:

    Congratulations! (I’d comment on the contest page but am not a facebook user.) Happy to cast a vote for you today and until the contest ends. The quality of your materials and workmanship is outstanding.

  4. Awesome! I’ll try to vote often.

  5. May says:

    My vote for you is recorded!

  6. A-M says:

    OMG that is fabulous!!!!! Voting, voting, voting! A-M xx

  7. Tricia Rose says:

    Thank you so much for all the support – please vote every day (if you remember!), and if you could blog or tweet or Facebook mention it with a link, that would be fantastic – I gather the idea is to spread outwards!

  8. tammy says:

    i’ve been busy getting up a new blog and clean forgot to vote on the 7th. darn! i’ve missed two days. i will vote for you everyday from now on! i just voted for you now…
    thank goodness i came by today. also… i listed you on my blog roll links without asking your permission! i’ve been doing that and then feel guilty and going back and asking people if it’s alright! not sure of the protocol here. but i want people to see your blog. i love it!
    it really is a lot of fun. i don’t know how to do pictures yet. i’ve only written three posts. they’re sort of like journal entries. i’ve always kept a journal… now am just doing it on the screen. a creative outlet.
    hugs and tremendous good luck… here’s to you…
    to such a classy talented broad! your video is great!
    tammy j

  9. kerrie says:

    Congratulations my friend! I am voting and posting on my blog and fb page. This is so exciting!!!! Good Luck. oxox

  10. Kate says:

    Dear Tricia
    Found your beautiful linens from our friend Kerrie of the Sea Cottage blog. Your linens are exquiste I will be voting daily as well.

    Wishing you all of the best

  11. stitchfork says:

    woot! woot! woot!
    and posted on my blog just now!
    xo Cathy

  12. Hi Lady “T”
    Of course I will vote and I did vote! I will everyday and I will send out a shout out to everyone to come visit and vote for you :)

    Come visit and see the stockings I have been sewing up, I have also made them in Linen!

    Good Luck!

  13. Do you sell your works of linen art? do you have an etsy?

  14. Marta says:

    Congratulations. I like to keep track of your actions, I am a fan of linen and admire your works.
    Of course, I gave my voice and keep my fingers crossed.

  15. Laura says:

    Congratulations. You have my vote and I am a new follower.

  16. Therese Long says:

    This is wonderful Tricia Rose!
    I am so proud of you!!!
    I will be voting every day for you, my friend.
    I so admire you living your passion!!!!
    Much love,


  17. jess says:

    congratulations. i have voted for you.

  18. Dana@Mid2Mod says:

    Just found your lovely blog through Brismod and became a follower. Congratulations on your nomination. I have voted!

  19. PP says:

    At last! I tried to vote a while ago – about ten times! – but couldn’t make it work (my ISP). Now I’ve pressed the button, proved I am human (always a good thing to know as you go into the day), and given my email address, so I think it worked.

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