Very Heaven

We are in the thick of moving – darling Mary is a pack rat of the first order so getting her out of this apartment and into her own home has been done like an archeological excavation: in stages.  Now, at last, Sunday afternoon, it is done – well, apart from the piles on the deck: plants, rubbish, and stuff for Goodwill.   I don’t mind, my house is now mine, all mine!  I dance around the empty space, I vacuum with gay abandon, I dust and pack and sort in a whirlwind, I am heartless in my happiness, surrounded by family and friends who have come to celebrate.

Now for a lavender bath while I plot.  Painters, movers and demolishers are coming tomorrow (for different sections!), so I need to calculate my critical path.  Nothing better.

L’Arpeggiatta, red wine and truffle mousse ~ I am well aware that the photo is of white wine and shrimp but believe me, you wouldn’t want to see what it’s like here in reality.  Trust me.

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2 Responses to Very Heaven

  1. I sense opportunity in the air!!! Very exciting – can’t wait to see what all your plotting brings. M.

  2. Plotting in a lavender bath; vacuuming with gay abandon: you have a way of bringing things to life with your words!(Tomorrow, I’m going to give being heartless in happiness a try, too.)

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