I am a different person now that our house has miraculously enlarged and cleared over the past ten days (is it only ten days?!).    All work paraphernalia is out of the bedrooms, and the spare room has three bookcases, a table and one chair.


Downstairs the new enlarged laundry room is taking shape, I have shelves up, my workroom, my tools, a huge mess out on the deck (yesterday the sewage pump had a crisis and I had to clear the little yard leading to it of a LOT of stacked wood ready for the winter).   It all looks like Tempe Tip again, and I had it so bare and beautiful…  Add in the new lumber and paint I collected yesterday and it is a far cry from my vision – the deck is taking the hit for the rampant serenity and order elsewhere. And my sheeting has arrived!  all two thousand metres of it, fitting beautifully into the laundry hall.

I spent yesterday afternoon cutting until I could cut no more, then we celebrated with lobster and steak in Sausalito and a coldish bath (I hadn’t re-lit the gas pilots until five o’clock). It feels so good to get the sawdust, cobwebs and plaster out of my hair.

I feel my body is mine again, is it all the exercise, carrying, stairs?  Most certainly fitter, should keep it up.

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6 Responses to Progress

  1. Gillianne says:

    Progress indeed! (My summer of hauling rocks for paths and stone walls helped me reclaim my corporeal self. Feels good, doesn’t it?)

  2. anne marie says:

    sounds so exciting! I do hope you share with us some pictures…

  3. Dore says:

    Tricia you have the life I want, sewing with your view would be the best.
    Sounds like you are soulfully creating a perfect sheltering place to rest your soul on.

    I thank you for gracing my place with your beauty and leaving a comment that joy’s my heart.

    see you soon

  4. Dore says:

    Visit soon, I will be watching your inspiring progress.

  5. jen says:

    I lost you for a while, but now I found you again–looking forward to catching up!

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