Not Commuting

Subway tiles, so American!  They have New York glamour for me, so it was with a happy heart that I tiled the splashback to my new monster double laundry tubs with traditional white 3″x6″s.


No photos as the rest of the laundry is still lime green and navy on one side, and brown and cream on the other, with raw drywall patches in between.  I am waiting for pretty.

I hacked about the garden too, before the planned addition of half a yard of topsoil, plus manure, S.o.P. and Biocharm.  While I watered this evening I ate a fig still warm from the sun, and tomatoes – checked on my pumpkin, picked a few more tomatoes, and incorporated some donated dahlias and roses into the lower section, to sink or swim.

On Sunday I PAINTED THE WHOLE DOCK as I got tired of waiting, rank foolishness but one does become impatient.  Then I laid down ply boards and crawled cautiously onto the pergola roof and replaced two rotten sections, with screws as the nails rise in the baking heat.  It all makes the house feel truly mine, and when it is finished I will take photos, maybe of it decorated for Labor Day.  Today’s excitement was putting in baby gates so puss doesn’t wander up onto the road again.

If I were commuting, I wouldn’t have the time to do all this as well as work.  It makes you think.

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3 Responses to Not Commuting

  1. Gillianne says:

    Impressive energy AND fix-it skills! My commute has been from bedroom to home office for a couple of decades, and I love it. (My primary challenge is to stay on task, away from gardening temptations, when weather is glorious–and in the early days of home-based employment, to convince others that although, yes, I was “home,” I really-truly was working and couldn’t chat or play.) Happy puttering-fixing-gardening in your own little piece of paradise.

  2. Well Tricia, I might as well have written this post for you. I must say, you have good dirt–the secret to all gardens.

  3. PP says:

    Hello. I followed the paper trail from your comment on my blog and realised, once I got here, that I’ve been eyeing your beautiful bed linen for a while now.

    Eating figs still warm from the sun – I can’t think of a more evocative image.


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