Busman’s Holiday

This morning I took a break and sewed four big dacron-wrapped foam cushions for the pergola, then four boxed soft cushions for the ends.  While I was sewing I mentally prepared a tutorial, because it really is so simple once you know how, yet so many people are intimidated by sewing something large, even if they are all straight lines and inanimate, and never ask if it makes them look fat. First easy thing was ordering the cushions, dacron-wrapped, from The Foam Store, $280 and worth every penny. Second easy thing was buying outdoor fabric from (where else?) Outdoor Fabrics, I even got a deal. The only downer was running out of continuous upholstery zipper.  Need to order more. Do yourself a favour and buy invisible zippers (I get 22″ white and beige) in bulk and cut them to length if need be, for the smaller cushions and household.  They are one third the price of buying locally, and are always to hand – you can buy as few as ten.  Saves hours.  I also don’t bother matching threads, as a good neutral is next to invisible (no topstitching on these).  Construction was dead simple too, the only fiddly bit was the boxing. Well, that is teacher-mode over for a while: do you like them?

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4 Responses to Busman’s Holiday

  1. A-M says:

    You have almost inspired me to get that sewing machine gathering dust in my cupboard out and get into it! Love your work! A-M xx

  2. Love them, brilliant woman! and to you easy-peasy.. to me a bit more of a challenge! but thanks for making it step by step just in case I get the old Bernina out.. I need cushions for the chaises outside too…



  3. kerrie says:

    You amaze me…this would not be simple for me! I see you have had quite the busy summer. thank you for the faithful visits to my blog. It took two months(the bulk of our summer holiday) to recover from the concussion I got from bumping my head on a large old oak tree branch! Silly me…but it has been nice to be off the computer and I am in no hurry to return. Just needed to pop in and say hello. ox

  4. Tricia says:

    As I read this, I thought about how I need to get my sewing machine out a little bit more often. Your cushions turned out wonderful!

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