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Not Commuting

Subway tiles, so American!  They have New York glamour for me, so it was with a happy heart that I tiled the splashback to my new monster double laundry tubs with traditional white 3″x6″s.   No photos as the rest … Continue reading

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Martha Stewart American Made Awards

I’m in there with 2,000 other “nominees”. Closing date is Aug. 25, so I just made it. Here’s my link: Voting starts Sept 7 – here’s what they say: After the nomination deadline on August 25, our judges will review … Continue reading

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Busman’s Holiday

This morning I took a break and sewed four big dacron-wrapped foam cushions for the pergola, then four boxed soft cushions for the ends.  While I was sewing I mentally prepared a tutorial, because it really is so simple once … Continue reading

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I am a different person now that our house has miraculously enlarged and cleared over the past ten days (is it only ten days?!).    All work paraphernalia is out of the bedrooms, and the spare room has three bookcases, … Continue reading

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Tomato Blues

Some of my tomatoes have what I call Soggy Bottom but google says Blossom End Rot, brought on by erratic watering.  I am a bad tomato mother.

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Oh Boy

What a bumpy ride the past few days have been.  So much has been done, but more and more I see the beauty in a ‘strong and willing lad’, not for the sake of innuendo but because I am getting … Continue reading

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Very Heaven

We are in the thick of moving – darling Mary is a pack rat of the first order so getting her out of this apartment and into her own home has been done like an archeological excavation: in stages.  Now, … Continue reading

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