Projects are fizzing in my brain.

and I am particularly fond of West Wittering ~

Our house already looks like a row of beach huts, so I have had the bright idea of painting each segment a different colour on the water side, sure to make my neighbours mad. I don’t care.
For real color, charm and a tough conservation ethic you need look no further than Jane Coslick, who has just put out an appeal to save one of her beloved Tybee Island cottages from demolition. Maybe there’s a way to help Jane’s work?
Second crazy thought was to paint long strands of kelp on the dock – once it is stripped back and painted grey. I think I will need the help of my artist friend Tricia George for that.

I have had colourful fabric fantasies too, although it has been such a busy summer so far I am anxiously awaiting more fabric from the mills, nothing to spare for experiments! We are also taking over the boathouse downstairs – It has been rented out, but I need the space. Maybe at last I can get my own table saw, and the space to install it…

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2 Responses to Tantalised

  1. tammy says:

    pish tosh! if they complain…
    send them over to jane coslick’s blog http://janecoslick.blogspot.com
    she’s transforming tybee island, georgia…
    one happy charmingly colorful cottage at a time!!!
    love it!
    tammy j

  2. I adore beach huts. I can’t see how any project inspired by them could be ‘wrong.’
    Thank you, Tammy, for the link to Jane Coslick, too!

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