Summer: Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is the first plant I can remember, from a picnic in in a green, tree-ringed meadow in Yorkshire with a little stream running through – my brother caught minnows in a jam-jar, and I heard my first cuckoo. I even love the slightly cloying, dusty smell because it is caught up with my first realisation that nature was made up of separate things, that the meadow didn’t generate the cuckoo song, it was a bird, and that the fish weren’t part of the stream, they were in it. Of course I could argue the exact opposite now but that isn’t the point! I saw the world differently that day, and it was infinitely beautiful. I could see and feel and hear and smell it with every pore of my body.

So, is it possible to do that here and now? Yes it is, and it is the best part of my day to slip into a trance of observation. Coming back in a little boat from Angel Island in the dark last night with salt spray on my face and a chill wind, full moon, that was a moment. Listening to madrigals all alone in the small hours: moment. I spend so much of a day braced and armoured against intrusions, shocks, noises and interruptions that I constantly wonder how I can structure my day better to avoid them. When I am simply cutting my fabrics or sewing, or wrapping and labelling, they can all have that quality of happy absorption so work isn’t the problem. May be it is …people.

The weaving samples of the fabrics I commissioned arrived today and they are beautiful beyond beautiful. Mary gave me a whole box of wonderful books and they are sitting on the edge of consciousness like an island of delight. I am just about to walk the dog along the breakwater and when I get back we will sit on the deck and watch the sun go down, and I will tell Stefan about my mad scheme to paint a long lock of kelp onto the dock, and he will tell me about his progress, then we will eat and watch a film. These are the good bits, the question is, is it possible to have more of them? Or like Lucy in Peanuts, am I discontent with life’s ups and downs and asking instead for ups and upper ups? This is philosophy, people.

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10 Responses to Summer: Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. marylou says:

    I think the answer is in your beautifully written blog! The good bits are always THERE, we just must remind ourselves to SEE them;-) Have a grand evening watching the sunset, sounds delightful~

  2. May says:

    Wonderful post, thank you!

    Last week-end I was house sitting. Mid day hot, the dog and I were on the deck nodding off in a corner of shade. I was out in that country atmosphere to work on the story I’m writing. It didn’t happen. Instead, I was consumed by absolutely nothing but the perfect summer weather. Even the heat felt good. I didn’t want to lift my pen. I kept marveling at not having a thought in my brain but what I see around me.

    After reading your post today, I realize I was having a “moment.” I was doing something as creative as writing. I was experiencing.

  3. tammy says:

    my only art in life seems to be contentment.
    i choose not to call it by what some people might…
    i am content to be. and i loved this post because it engaged all the senses. just as being quiet and loving life can do… if we slow down to let it.
    i like change too. but that’s another story.
    i think we are artists of life.
    and that’s philosophy! lol.

    • Tricia Rose says:

      May I quote you Tammy? I love that:”my only art in life seems to be contentment”!

      • tammy says:

        how lovely that you think of it like that.
        i think it’s what we pseudo-creative people tell ourselves when everyone around us is creating such beauty!
        quote away. lol.
        you are now honorary members of the
        simple contentment society!

    • Kate says:

      May I also quote you? That line just resonates with me!

  4. You sound happy, that’s all I can say and that is always something wonderful, I think. And you have time to read. Compliments, my dear. You have your life under control, obviously. Now I’m waiting to see the painted ceiling LOL (obviously enjoying your Pinterest posts).

    Have a good weekend. Jane

  5. Loi Thai says:

    Hello Tricia,
    Thanks for all the plant suggestions. I really appreciate it. I love delphiniums, but they cannot tolerate the DC summer season. I will check out the other plants.

    Sounds like you are relaxing and busy, too. Would love to see your weaving samples. Are you converting your boathouse basement to a studio?

  6. Gorgeous photo Tricia!

  7. What a beautiful photo of Queen Anne’s Lace. I was looking at hundreds of Queen Anne’s Lace photos on Google and it immediately caught my eye.
    I also enjoyed the post.

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