Goodbye July

My file is full of drafts of tetchy blogs which will never see the light of day as the uncertainties of the past few weeks have been sapping my good humour.  Is everyone else having a momentous sort of July?  Good AND bad, and everything mattering far too much and right up there in your face?  It has sent me scurrying back to my kale smoothies just so I’m on the side of virtue in one area of my life at least.

This morning however the dawn was pearly, I polished off my correspondence, then meditated for fifteen minutes, then had a lovely long chat with a friend in London, God bless Steve Jobs.

I was actually sewing on the ribbon ties in my pyjamas, so have to use this photo instead. Filling little bags with sweet-smelling lavender and tying it neatly with ribbon is definitely at the pleasure end of the labour scale.

Coffee, and and a productive session doing fiddly bits, like cushion covers, zippers (and lavender bags) before the assault of the day.  Who can ask for more?

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5 Responses to Goodbye July

  1. Hi Tricia,
    I have just found your blog via your website. I am in linen heaven, just going to make a cuppa and look at your blog posts. I am having an up and down July too! Maybe the weather! jayne x

  2. brismod says:

    You live a good life Tricia Rose! xx

  3. Loi Thai says:

    Nice! If I was near you, I’d volunteer….wouldn’t mind doing that! L

  4. stitchfork says:

    fiddly-bits! I’m adopting that phrase Tricia

  5. Any work day which includes hefty helpings of lavender can’t be too bad. Hope August is being kind to you.

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