Domestic Pleasures

Oh, bathtime is such fun!  Not by the look I’m getting:  I think it says, “I though you were my friend.”


Note the colour of the water – well, he had been swimming.

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5 Responses to Domestic Pleasures

  1. stitchfork says:

    What, no bath toys? Maybe that’s what he’s thinking…

  2. But taking a bath is so relaxing. LOL.

  3. tammy says:

    oh you are on my list of wonderful people!
    he’s even a cutie pie when he’s all wet.
    tammy j

  4. Wella says:

    That must be a terrior? I have a white Scottie in Costa Rica, he hates baths outside with a hose!! Live on all my Linen even the nighies I made. xo, Wella

  5. Loi Thai says:

    Hi, Tricia -
    We just use the garden hose during the summer! The dogs don’t mind as it is 90 – 100 degrees all the time now.

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