My Education

Felix dropped in last night on his way back from his cancer kids camp, caught his parents in their maturity rigged up with 3D glasses all ready to watch John Carter of Mars. I felt v. silly. He was full of wonderful stories and I was terribly proud that one of us would do something so altruistic. He has found a new place to live and moves next week, in the heart of the Mission district which is where he likes to be, very lively and with plenty of bodegas, families, diversity.

I am completely caught up in Lives of the Great Composers (gotta start somewhere!) – filling the one long gap which was my musical education. I sit up in bed with the book and my iPad so I can play music that is mentioned. It sounds more structured than it is because the first composer is Monteverdi and I am completely stuck on listening to his music even though I am now reading Schumann. There is going to be a lot of re-reading and back-tracking going on, this could take me the rest of my life!

My next challenge will be making the perfect chicken liver mousse, as I ate one at the Left Bank on Saturday night, died and went to heaven. It was lightly truffled and had a thin aspic gelee on top: I think the Julia Child recipe sounds the closest.
I am also lusting in my heart for a Torno bistro set, bloody Ikea don’t seem to have it here, just in Australia (it’s the one we put on Norma’s balcony outside the tower room). I drove all the way there and all I bought was a hot dog.

My other lust is the W213 Super Spreader from Rada (not RADA). I bent my little John Lewis one, and the ones commonly here don’t have that lovely flexibility. I am trying to implement Norma’s treats strategy for contented moments, without getting fatter.

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4 Responses to My Education

  1. stitchfork says:

    My year-round ringtone is sleigh bells…the kind you hear on horses pulling a sleigh thru the snow. Calming to me. Would that drive you nuts?
    Seems another trip to Australia is in order to bring back that bistro table set…
    xo Cathy

  2. tammy says:

    i’m partial to the train.. an old steam engine whistle fading into the night…
    like lonesome and distant and not intrusive.
    my brother has a barking dog… “roff roff roff!”

  3. Loi Thai says:

    I’m laughing b-cuz I also eat the hot dogs (and meat balls) at Ikea. That chicken liver mousse sounds soooo much better though. I’m hungry typing….think I’ll grab some country pate

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