Eating the Props

Would this drive me insane?
It has a lovely message though.

While I was away Heather changed my ringtone (three phones in house were the same). I now have a lovely subtle chirping of crickets, but am hankering after a currawong, especially over here.

We have almost caught up – the first full week I was back Stefan was away, the second Heather has been away, but today will be the full madhouse. Stefan has finished his script so he and I will likely be shaping up the photo shoot we did yesterday on the dock, trying to catch the perfect combination of low afternoon light, high tide etc in a wind which blew the linens into the water. Luckily it was a table setting so we got to eat and drink the props. I couldn’t use the oyster shell tea lights I made,

carefully pouring hot wax all over the kitchen

the wind was too strong, now I want to find a role for them, they are so adorable. I prop them up on granular sulphate of potash, very photogenic, and smells lovely if I put black pepper right under the shell so it heats as the wax melts. I could bed them in a stream of Costco black pepper, although it seems extravagant. Watch this space.

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3 Responses to Eating the Props

  1. i love that oyster shell idea! so cute!

  2. Depending how fiddly they are to make, those oyster shell candles could be a beautiful side line for you? I think they’re awesome.

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