Deep Thoughts

Thoughts and silence go so well together. I am feeling decidedly Born Again, colours are fresher, my step is lighter and my head is clear. As always with changes I wonder: will this last?

I can’t begin to describe the last three weeks in Australia and I don’t want to turn living memories into anecdotes, the curse of blogging. I aspire to the honesty and feeling of other writers I admire, Jane Flanagan for instance, who remind me that words are not simply the vehicles of lies. Maybe next time around I should be a tree.

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10 Responses to Deep Thoughts

  1. kerrie says:

    I did not know you were in Australia. I lean towards few words so I can just breath life in. Your few words here speak more than many would.

  2. Thank you Tricia – surprised and flattered to see my name in this post.

    I hear you re blogging turning living things into memories, experiences into tales. It’s something I struggle with as a writer… I struggle with the reactions too, when something very real for me is read as a neatly parceled story.

    Maybe I should be a tree too.

  3. marylou says:

    Well, if you become a tree I see you as an Oak…I think Kathryn Hepburn said something regarding this once…brings a smile to my face, I hope to yours as well!

  4. Loi Thai says:

    Dear Tricia,
    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. Thank you kindly. As I love linens, textiles, and soft furnishings, I am delighted to find you. Is that your dog? I have two :-) Lovely post—simple and true!
    Cheers from DC,

  5. stitchfork says:

    deciduous or evergreen?

  6. A-M says:

    Oh, you were just down the road Tricia!!!!! I love that, “turning living memories into anecdotes”… but sometimes I turn to blogging for just that…. so that the living memories are burnt into the ether… in any way they can be… so I will never forget. It is often a curse though… and often leads to misinterpretation. A-M xx

  7. welcome back dear friend! It sounds an amazing trip with many refreshing experiences! Hold those memories close to your heart..

    see you soon near the water?
    xo Kit

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