Ticking off the List

taking it for granted already...

The wing chair is finished, ta-da! I found a fault in the fit while I was tucking it all in, and I WILL go back and repair it, promise, but not now. I am barrelling ahead, and the tiny, tiny flaw only I can see can wait a while. I have finer fish to fry.

Do you see the wonderful machete hand-printed tea towel Karen sent me? I love it! She deserves a bread bag! And if you contributed an esoteric fact to the bread bag comments but haven’t sent me your address yet, please do it now: you know who you are.

I decided my decor was just one perilous seashell short of a theme park so I have been culling. Pictures down from walls, trays emptied, bowls put away, baskets hidden. The trim is now complete in my room, the light is wired up (and I’m still alive), chimney swept, and nice men with names like Ulysses have been measuring my floors, before polishing them. No more bright orange varnish!

Then… I stained the legs of my table with vinegar and steel wool, sprayed my beautifully shaped but beige ceiling fan ‘oil-rubbed bronze’(that’s what it says on the can), planted out my tomatoes, uprooted the aloe and liberated a large fire grate from its fibrous roots. I don’t know where the energy came from, but April was also our best month to date for Rough Linen, which makes us very happy. Must be some cosmic influence.

I would like to give thank to wonderful Juana and her daughter Karen. For many years I didn’t have a housekeeper, but since Juana came into my life my house is a miracle of order and sweet-smelling cleanliness which lifts my spirits. They do it far better than I could ever myself, and I am truly grateful, both for their work, and for Juana’s quiet grace and dignity and her beautiful beaming smile.

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5 Responses to Ticking off the List

  1. stitchfork says:

    When I first read your title – ticking off the list – My first reaction was you had made it very mad as in ticked off. (Yes, must get a good night’s sleep here) You really are on a tear getting so much done. May I borrow some of that energy?? Juana sounds divine and I wish she was in commuting distance.
    xo Cathy

  2. jen says:

    The chair is very handsome. And you’ve been busy! So glad that business is good and that Juana and Karen are gracing your home.

  3. LOVE the chair. Very handsome indeed.

  4. Linda Blaney says:

    I love the chair. I actually have a similar one. How do you keep you kitty from ripping it to shreds? Did you use a kitty proof fabric?


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