Three a.m., a waning moon, and the excitement of the day has caught up with me. A lovely article in Remodelista! We were caught napping rather, so this morning found me taking photos in a hurry while Stefan updated the Rough Linen website – we had done the Summer Covers but not the Simple Pillowslips to go with them.

I spent some time doing brutal gardening to relieve my tenterhooks. Both the old aloe and the may are now history, and my New Dawn has room to breathe and a rich mulch of well-rotted manure, sulphate of potash and compost. The slope looks like a victim of slash and burn, and so do I. There is no point in envying Kelley her blessed green acre, we all work with what we have. I felt I had the most beautiful garden in London and I’m glad I did, but we weren’t on the water then!

Fish and chips to celebrate at our favorite un-smart waterfront, always great fish and colorful clientele. Smart would have been uphill, I’m working this weekend.

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5 Responses to Sleep

  1. I think we all envy Kelley’s beautiful garden! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, even if you will be working!


  2. Dore says:

    Thank you Lady “T” for your beautiful visit :)

    I hope I inspired a great piece from Target :)

    Happy Mothers Day.

  3. Dore says:

    Oh! and thank you for sharing your beauty soulfully over here.

  4. stitchfork says:

    Now referring to garden beds here as the ‘natural’ look. Weeds flourishing and could use a good dose of slash and burn plus a truckload of mulch. Your view can’t be beat tho!
    xo Cathy

  5. aussie new yorker says:

    Tricia, congrats on the remodelista post. I happened to see that before I saw your website link! amazing site to be on.

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