Phoenix Rising

I had such a day in Phoenix – first to the Dream Center to see the ten new rooms beautifully decorated for victims of sex trafficking, such a thoughtful and generous idea! I voted for Oz Architects, not because I was working with them, but because I thought their room was the most sensitive and healing, all natural finishes, beautiful reclaimed oak and clay plaster walls, skylights giving gentle light.

Then to the Desert Botanical Garden – who know prickly pear came in violet? Or that there was so much wildlife in the desert – birds, things like tiny gophers, something with a big tail in a culvert… Then the heat got to me! I was so glad to get back, sitting on the deck threading the casings of bolsters, with the cat playing furiously with the loose ends, drying my hair in the sun and stroking her silky fur. Essence of being home.

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5 Responses to Phoenix Rising

  1. stitchfork says:

    The room you selected is soothing. And who knew prickly pear is so gorgeous?! I melt in that kind of heat tho so would be much happier sitting on your deck as well.
    xo Cathy

  2. Jane Coslick says:

    so beautiful… I would love to help in anyway.

  3. Nancy McKinnon says:

    Simply lovely! Thank you.

  4. tammy says:

    that bedroom has all the things i love…
    the naturalness the light the texture… plain, simple, eloquent.
    i think you said it perfectly. a healing place.

  5. kerrie says:

    Beautiful thing to be a part of. Beautiful.

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