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Phoenix Rising

I had such a day in Phoenix – first to the Dream Center to see the ten new rooms beautifully decorated for victims of sex trafficking, such a thoughtful and generous idea! I voted for Oz Architects, not because I … Continue reading

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Odd Sources

I am spending white nights mentally building a box bed in the spare room. I loved the one in my grandmother’s house, curtained, and with mysterious spaces below, so cosy and enticing. The space I have to play with is … Continue reading

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Gentleman Jim

I cracked and had him groomed. The grease and filth and dreadlocks were too much for me and I can never get him as beautiful as this when I bathe him myself. This little dog breaks my heart, he is … Continue reading

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Three a.m., a waning moon, and the excitement of the day has caught up with me. A lovely article in Remodelista! We were caught napping rather, so this morning found me taking photos in a hurry while Stefan updated the … Continue reading

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Windrush Farm

This is where I hope to be this Sunday, with a picnic and my knitting. Open to any one who loves natural textiles. I have been a couple of times before and loved it, especially petting the lambs (and the … Continue reading

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Life on the Ocean Wave

A most nautical weekend:  Saturday shooting Digglers on fabulous Angel Island (the jingle was inside my head all morning) Then an amazing seven course dinner with friends in San Francisco, culminating in petrale sole en papillote (Stefan was thrilled that … Continue reading

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Last night I made the most heavenly barley soup in creation to celebrate the rain, and this morning put out the ham hock for our pet crows – watching them tackle the marrow reminded me they pecked the eyes from … Continue reading

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Ticking off the List

The wing chair is finished, ta-da! I found a fault in the fit while I was tucking it all in, and I WILL go back and repair it, promise, but not now. I am barrelling ahead, and the tiny, tiny … Continue reading

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