The Great Bread Bag Experiment

A while ago I read somewhere on the internet that the best way to keep your bread fresh is by putting it into a linen bag. Plastic encourages mould, refrigerators dry it out: linen bags are the answer.

At that stage I didn’t know there was a question, since our bread comes in brown paper bags and has been staying there very nicely thank you, until the last crumb (this is making me hungry, short pause to make toast). I do have a fair amount of linen around though, so yesterday after the day’s work I sat down with a remnant and my best linen tape, and humming happily, I produced a bag, about 10″x20″, with a neat buttonholed casing and a drawstring.

Today the test begins! We usually have two loaves running at once, La Brea Whole Grain and an olive bread (love olive bread toasted with tapenade and fresh tomatoes for breakfast). This morning the nature of my temptation is the whole grain bread, toasted, with butter and Cooper’s Original Oxford Marmalade. With coffee.

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10 Responses to The Great Bread Bag Experiment

  1. Toasted olive bread with fresh tomatoes wouldn’t require a linen bag for the leftovers bread. There wouldn’t be any.

  2. Heather says:

    If this works, please make some to sell. I would buy one!

  3. I’m anxiously following the linen bread experiment progress! And like Heather said, you will have to make some of these to sell.


  4. jen says:

    Mmm…Nothing like good bread–I take good toasted bread over sweets any day. Look forward to hearing the results of your experiment.

  5. Count me in too! I’ll buy one also! X

  6. Katie says:

    Love this idea and would never have thought of it….keep us posted. I keep mine in the fridge like you mentioned and you’re right, it get’s dry:( may be switching very soon!!

  7. emelie says:

    How lovely, I’m getting the munchies just reading this. Did I tell you I have family connections at La Brea Bakery? I shall have to inform them of this new, preferred way of storing/presenting their bread! (And inform them of where to place their industrial scale[linen]bag order of course :)

  8. brismod says:

    Tricia, if only I could drop in on you for breakfast. When are you coming to Brisvegas, again? xx

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