This morning I replaced the broken LCD in the camera, a delicate business with tweezers and micro-screwdrivers. The part cost $50, so I am well ahead of the $176 Wolf Cameras wanted to charge for a ten minute job.

It works!

We needed the big camera to take photos of the new Summer Covers we are launching in May, preparing for hot weather – though who knows what this summer will be like? We might be huddled in our beds in socks and beanies. It doesn’t feel like it at the moment, with all the windows open and the delicious scents of jasmine and pittisporum tumbling through the house on a rough summer wind. My curtains are dancing.

In preparation for actually finishing the wing chair cover I sprayed the legs matt black, trying not to inhale. It feels almost illicit using spray paints, they are so easy. I have been taking things away from the room one by one, to see if they will be missed, a thoughtful exercise.

I spent a happy evening sewing bread bags, and now need the addresses of those who sent me so many diverse and fascinating factoids. Don’t be shy! You know who you are…

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3 Responses to Satisfaction

  1. tammy says:

    you remind me of my darling mother.
    she would tackle anything. and usually win!
    it’s the highest of compliments from me.
    she was a wonderful cross between auntie mame
    and st bernadette!
    tammy j

  2. marylou says:

    Love a woman who risks her own life and works with tools…;-)

  3. The chair is looking most promising Tricia. And kudos on the camera. I had a similar experience with a more Home Depot-like fixture. It truly is an achievement I believe. And yes, the air. Lovely here, too, though with a bit of a chill. Looking forward to seeing the new pieces. Jane

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