I have been Missing in a LOT of Action this past week, filming near Bakersfield and having a whale of a time. Hard work but interesting, climbing industrial towers in hard hat and protective glasses (couldn’t see a thing) carrying tripods and cameras. Before dawn. I have seen some of the footage now and it gives a tingle of pride.

All this reality has made me rethink my blog roll. Blogland can get stuffy, and I’m off Facebook too. Easter is a time of new beginnings so I am culling – I want my language to be poetry, and my vision artless art.

(It strikes me suddenly that I am criticising my mirror – after all, what I read is what I have selected from the infinite variety out there. Sobering.)

I have not been neglecting my linens, nor my garden nor even the little dog, three priorities (Shibui the cat is so low maintenance it doesn’t count). However the wing chair is still in pieces, my hair is halfway down my back and we have NO food. Fine by me!

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8 Responses to MIA

  1. stitchfork says:

    I’m looking at your photo from all directions – love it! But have not figured out where you were to take it??? You can still sit in your unfinished chair if you avoid the pins, longer hair is easier to braid, and hounds love you no matter what (unsure of cats on that one). Food – well that one you will have to do something about.
    Relax and enjoy the holiday!
    xo Cathy

    • Tricia Rose says:

      Stefan just went shopping in desperation.
      We were at Mount Poso Co-Generational Electricity plant, documenting their changeover from burning coal to biomass – all the shredded wood on the conveyor. Great people, a proper adventure, and I have a terrible soft spot for engineers…
      I tried my hair in a chignon today, and apart from impaling myself on hairpins it worked well. I’m glad the concept of a messy bun is so popular at the moment.
      Have a regenerating Easter!



  2. Ok, that shot makes any climbing, hard hat wearing, struggle all worth it…so cool! And life is too short to be stuffy! “I want my language to be poetry, and my vision artless art”…I love this line!

    Happy Easter, I hope the bunny brings you food!


  3. so curious . . . wanting to simplify over here. What are you doing to your blogroll again? M.

  4. cheryl rose says:

    Off subject, but could very easily be of interest to you Tricia. http://www.thesewingmachineproject.org/
    cull away!

  5. Your loose bun is perfect, your family will be fed, as will the menagerie..and this photo was worth all the pre-dawn scrabbling around.. who would think an electricity plant could be so poetic?

    Happy Easter my friend! xo Kit

  6. Jane Coslick says:

    I just took and amazing ‘trip’ thru your Rough Linen site and photographs.( and the bed making and duvet filling film). Then I came to the blog and ALL the amazing photographs
    I love the post and your words ring true to my heart.
    Catching up with you thru these has been wonderful…….we are kindred spirits for certain

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