A Year of Gratitude

I have been looking for classy thank you cards – preferably blank – for so long, and they were so close! Mary Jo Hoffman, the photographer who sent in the prize-winning photo of her adorable puggle Jack, sells these beautiful cards via her website, Still. The link is to her shop page, but make your eyes happy by looking through her images too – Mary Jo shot and posted one photo a day on her blog for a year, not just of gratitude but tranquility, harmony and even awe.
I do like to hand-write a thank you note, and we have been treated to some spectacular hospitality over the past few weeks so I now have a pleasing sense of rightness, the fitting thing. Thank you so much Mary Jo, I love to have talented friends! (should I send her a thank you card?)

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6 Responses to A Year of Gratitude

  1. stitchfork says:

    no, because then Mary Jo will need to thank you back, then you’ll need to thank her back – oh my where will it end! Tricia, may I borrow a card to thank Mary Jo for creating such unique, fun cards?!
    xo Cathy

  2. Vicki Archer says:

    I do like to hand write a thank you card… I hate that email takes over sometimes and I give in to the quick and the easy… These are just lovely and thank you for the recommendation… Have a wonderful weekend… xv

  3. Always nice to see good looking stationery. I’m very old-school that way, particularly for certain kinds of note. Must say, however, for general thank yous to friends I’ve sadly given in to the e solution.

  4. Burlap Luxe says:

    Love Cathy’s comment, its true, when I thank Kerrie at sea cottage she in turn then thanks me and the gifting of thanks and cards just go back and forth.

    Love all you create over here.

  5. designchic says:

    I still love to write and receive a good old-fashioned hand written note…adore the stationary!!

  6. Terri long says:

    They look lovely and I love anything about Gratitude!!!!
    Please come stay with me so I might receive one!!!

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