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This morning I replaced the broken LCD in the camera, a delicate business with tweezers and micro-screwdrivers. The part cost $50, so I am well ahead of the $176 Wolf Cameras wanted to charge for a ten minute job. We … Continue reading

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Bread Bag, Part 2

The bread bag experiment has been a success, although it doesn’t magically transform a hardened loaf into a crisp, warm scented just-out-of-the-oven experience. Our bread doesn’t hang around since generally we go through a loaf in two days, but it … Continue reading

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Ned’s Bed

I have been spending a fair amount of time plotting my Australian visit next month with my sister – we will be driving up from Sydney to Murwillumbah and she has booked us into her favorite halfway stopover: Ned’s Bed. … Continue reading

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A Chair takes Wing

Making progress on the wing chair, bought a new box of pins and sat pinning and cutting while Stefan told me tall tales of Las Vegas and the cat rolled in raptures at his feet. Cat hair is part of … Continue reading

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The Great Bread Bag Experiment

A while ago I read somewhere on the internet that the best way to keep your bread fresh is by putting it into a linen bag. Plastic encourages mould, refrigerators dry it out: linen bags are the answer. At that … Continue reading

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A Year of Gratitude

I have been looking for classy thank you cards – preferably blank – for so long, and they were so close! Mary Jo Hoffman, the photographer who sent in the prize-winning photo of her adorable puggle Jack, sells these beautiful … Continue reading

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In the Country

We drove out to Nick’s Cove to have lunch today~and walked to the little shack on the end of the jetty afterwardsthis boat hangs from the ceilingand there’s an improvised woodstove Not a bad way to spend Easter Sunday.

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I have been Missing in a LOT of Action this past week, filming near Bakersfield and having a whale of a time. Hard work but interesting, climbing industrial towers in hard hat and protective glasses (couldn’t see a thing) carrying … Continue reading

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