Wing Chair Cover

After a long lull I am making progress on the wing chair.

I had bought the gray flannel fabric and draped it over and sort of got stuck there – it certainly looked better than the original. But then I found myself dreaming about it – how to fit the hammer-shaped cushion (tricky little diamond-shaped gussets), how to dip the legs so they look smart; and then today was rainy, so with the fire and candles lit, and tea and English muffins with honey (because I rendered honeycomb to harvest the wax which is another story), not wanting to work, NOT wanting to do housework, I got out my scissors and cut all the pieces.

I am pleased that this time I remembered to take ‘before’ pictures.

And even some ‘during’- just slice piping off so it doesn’t make a ridge (I wanted this chair Euro-sleek).

Made the seat cover first and the diamond gussets worked perfectly. This photo is of the side seam, as near invisible as I could make it. I want sleek.

Next step will be to pin the roughly cut and unshaped pieces together and trim them. I will work up from the bottom as I was lazy and used the selvedge all along the edge. No hurry! This is meant to be enjoyed.

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7 Responses to Wing Chair Cover

  1. jen says:

    What a handsome bit of work. I would spend hours a day in that chair reading. I’m surprised you pulled yourself away from fire, tea etc.,but once you have the chair finished you will never want to go anywhere. (Or at least I wouldn’t.)

  2. Aren’t you amazing Tricia! Looks great.

  3. tammy says:

    i love it when wonderful discarded pieces are rescued and given new life. and what a wonderful new life it appears to be with your taste and magic hands!

  4. Pauline W says:

    Fire, candles, tea, muffins with honey… ever thought of doing bed and breakfast??? ;)

  5. I am laughing. I have an armchair and ottoman in purple flannel that I’m intending to slip-cover in linen. You have linen…

  6. Gray is so classic, yet so current.

    Having tackled a few re-upholstery projects in the past, I’m inspired by your post to do it again. thank you.

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