The Bikers come to Town

Canada geese have invaded, and they are not good neighbours, drinking and hooting and brawling into the small hours. I am ashamed to say I have longing fantasies of a BB gun. Can you imagine how quickly I’d be drummed from the inlet if my neighbours caught me potting geese from the deck? “Only if you eat them” says my sympathetic friend…

I told her the story of my shame while I was a Cub leader: we had spent a pleasant morning making Useful Things from branches, wellington boot dryers, tripods for washing-up,kites and the boys’ favorite – catapults! (slingshots). Turtledoves had been spending their morning tearing crab-apples and raining them wastefully on the ground and in a fit of irritation I loaded my catapult with a hard green crab-apple and fired it off – and I hit the ring leader fair and square. The boys looked on in fascinated horror… And respect. The bird flew off, and I haven’t shoot at a living thing since. Of course I have hardly been tempted til now.

From my neighbour: “Our marsh this morning is a bird
watchers delight. Cinnamon teals, buffleheads, western grebes, a
great blue heron, snowy egret, long billed curlews, phoebes, and of
course mallards. I even saw an avocet yesterday. This is what the
auduboners all get up at the crack of dawn and stand around and
freeze for.”

I saw them from the comfort of my bed on a blissful grey dawn like the beginning of winter, with the mockingbird singing his heart out. Then I got up and finished a Roman blind for a friend, read a lovely and blush-making post about Rough Linen and this humble cabin in – thanks Jo! – local concert this afternoon, dinner this evening. Domestic content.

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3 Responses to The Bikers come to Town

  1. You forgot to mention how much they poop…and poop…and poop some more. We have them year round and they’re such a nuisance. Be thankful if they just pass through.

  2. kerrie says:

    you crack me up. You can always get an airsoft gun.

  3. Hah, great minds, I wrote about Canada Geese recently too, but after you I see. Ours stay far enough away that they don’t seem to bother us, but they can be nasty, noisy pests. Sounds as though you are quite the crack shot, those geese better straighten up and fly right!

    Kat :)

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